KrampKrusher (12 Packets)

$ 35.88

Brand NDX Nutrition

SMART FUEL THAT'S YUMMY & IT WORKS! Formulated to Boost Energy & Conquer Cramps!

3in1 Extreme Training & Endurance Fuel

Our delicious smart chew is mineral rich sea salt hydration, dextrose for fast fuel and calcium lactate for better nerve-muscle function.

Enhancing performance KrampKrusher increases nerve-muscle communication, lifts energy levels and reloads with electrolytes as well as up to 84 trace minerals.

KrampKrusher also aids in faster recovery.

It's natural and allergen free: vegan, caffeine free, gluten free, soy free.

Tastes Great!

KrampKrusher is Yummy. Athlete tested and approved. The salty limon flavor - a margarita tangy taste - makes it a winner for training or competition.

What's inside

Natural Sea Salt - Hydration and Electrolyte Reload

  • Natural Electrolytes for Better Cell Hydration
  • Up to 84 Peak Performance Trace Elements and Minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Potassium and Iron
  • Better Muscle-Brain Communication
  • Enhances Nutrient Digestion  
  • 310 mg  

Dextrose I Fast Performance Fuel                                             

  • Feel Incredible Energy that Boost Your Performance
  • Fast Absorbing for Easy Digestion

Calcium Lactate - Stop Cramps Before They Start

  • Prevents & Cure Cramps
  • Fast Recovery
  • Optimized Nerve-Muscle Function & Communication
  • Supports Bone Density & Enzymes Systems
  • Fights Lactic Acid Build-Up
  • 150 mg

* Sold by The Box - 12 Training Packets