The Best Vitamins To Boost Immunity For Children
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The Best Vitamins To Boost Immunity For Children

Children are among the most at risk for falling sick with infections and viruses. This includes the common cold, the flu, upper respiratory infections like RSV or corona virus, and pneumonia. This is why it is important as parents to make sure that you know the best vitamins that boost immunity for children. 

Think of the immune system as the line of defense against infections and viruses. The immune system is made up of an army of cells that protect the body against these threats. 

To keep these immune system cells strong, they need vitamins that are essential to their function. 

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The following are the best vitamins for boosting immunity: 

Vitamin C: 

This is the best of the best vitamins for boosting immunity. 

Vitamin C is essential for reducing the inflammatory response when fighting illness. Studies suggest it can shorten the length of sickness as well as reduce the severity of symptoms. 

It prevents lung damage when battling respiratory infections like corona virus. It also is an antioxidant. 

Vitamin E: 

Vitamin E is needed for maintaining a healthy immune system. 

Also an antioxidant, this vitamin helps the immune system fight off an infection. Vitamin E also prevents cell death when lacking enzymes to repair it when battling a viral infection. 

Vitamin D: 

Studies found that vitamin D deficiency increases the susceptibility to infection. 

This vitamin is known for promoting bone health. It does so by absorbing calcium. But it also helps fight infection with its innate antimicrobial response. It also has anti-inflammatory properties in the immune system T-cells. 

Vitamin A: 

This is another of the best vitamins for boosting immunity in children. That’s because vitamin A has a role in the production of white blood cells, essential for immunity. It also traps Santeria and other infectious agents, protecting the lungs, eyes, and stomach. 

Those lacking in vitamin A have a longer recovery time when sick. 

Vitamin B6: 

This vitamin is important for children’s immune systems. It plays a crucial role in the creation of red and white blood cells. This is important because of white blood cells regular immune function. 

Vitamin B6 reduces inflammation and increases immune responses when facing a threat. 

Children also need the following for a healthy immune system: 


  • Important for transporting oxygen to the cells. 


  • Helps reduce inflammation and supports a healthy immune response. 

Folate/folic acid: 

  • Needed for protein synthesis and immune system function. 

Supplements For Children 

Parents should be aware that vitamin C cannot be stored in the body. That means children need their recommended doses every day. This is achieved by consuming a diet high in vitamin C including oranges, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli. Kids who have a hard time consuming these vegetables can be supplemented with chew able vitamins like Gummy Cuties for immune support

Vitamin E is mostly found in nuts and seeds. For that reason, read children vitamin labels to determine how much vitamin E it contains if any. For example, the Echinacea Kids Gummy Vitamin has 67% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin E per serving, as well as vitamin C, A, and Zinc. 

Many children have a milk allergy or simply do not consume enough vitamin D. Adding a vitamin D supplement like Gummy Cuties is ideal for these children. Keep in mind that it is 

common for the body not to absorb vitamin D from food, so adding this supplement is a great idea to boost immunity for children. 


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