Vitamin D Helps Defend Kids From Respiratory Infections
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Vitamin D Helps Defend Kids From Respiratory Infections

Parents know how important vitamin D is for their children’s growing bodies. But did you know that vitamin D also helps defend kids from getting sick with a respiratory infection? 

Kids must have a nutritious, well-balanced diet that contains all the essential vitamins they need to grow. But this is also crucial for their immune health. 

After another bad cold and flu season, along with the rise in RSV cases and the current corona virus threat, being proactive to prevent your kids from getting sick is crucial. 

And having that daily recommended amount of vitamin D is one of the ways to do that. 

Immune Health And Support 

One of the most important roles vitamin D plays in the body is when it comes to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus for developing strong bones and teeth. And while this is essential for everyone, this makes vitamin D extremely important in kids when it comes to growing and developing. 

Vitamin D also helps with immune system function. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vitamin D helps reduce the risk of schooled children getting sick with the flu. 

Another study suggests that vitamin D prevents respiratory infections, more specifically that there was a “modest protective effect.” 

The study found that vitamin D supplements reduced the risk of respiratory infection by approximately 10 percent. 

No Milk, No Problem 

Children need 600 IU or 15 mcg of vitamin D per day. 

The problem is that many kids do not get close to that day either because of a diet that lacks vitamin D-rich food or sensitivity or allergies to milk and milk products. 

According to the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, “If you cannot get enough vitamin D from your diet and you don't get out in the sun much, a vitamin D supplement can help.” 

Children who are vitamin D deficient are not only more susceptible to having a more comparable immune system, but also run the risk of developing weak bones. 

Since vitamin D may defend kids from respiratory infections like RSV and corona virus parents can supplement with Gummy Cuties Calcium + Vitamin D, which is dairy- and nut-free and contains all-natural ingredients. 


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