Why Multi-Vitamins Are Important For Your Child’s Immune System
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Why Multi-Vitamins Are Important For Your Child’s Immune System

Your goal as a parent is to have your child grow to be healthy and strong. This includes serving them healthy meals and making sure they stay active. To address gaps in nutrition, adding a multi-vitamin supplement is a great way to make sure the child is getting all the vitamins needed. But multi-vitamins also play a major role in your child’s immune system. 

It’s important that your toddlers and children have strong immune systems because they are in the high-risk group of those who are more susceptible to viruses, the common cold, the flu, upper respiratory infections and bacterial infections at school, the playground and other kids play places that could be a minefield for germs. 

Giving a multi-vitamin daily is one small step that can have a large positive impact on the child’s immune system. 

Why The Supplement 

Adding a multi-vitamin to your child’s diet is a way to help keep them healthy. Think of it as a cocktail if you will have all the essential vitamins needed for healthy development and immune health. 

This includes vitamins A, C, D, E, and B6. Each of these plays a vital role in the child’s immune system including the support of immune cell function and fighting off germs. 

Vitamin C, for example, does not get stored in the body. It is needed daily. And while children are likely to eat oranges and strawberries, they might be less likely to eat vitamin C-rich broccoli. This vitamin plays a major role in strengthening the immune system to reduce the likelihood of getting sick and lessen symptoms when sick. It is a great vitamin for battling the common cold and flu as well as more serious illnesses like RSV and COVID-19. 

Vitamins A, D, E and B6 all have immune system boosting properties. Multi-vitamins also contain other vitamins including zinc and folic acid which further supports health and immunity. 

While taking a multi won’t prevent a child from getting sick at all, it does provide them with their daily dose of vitamins to promote a healthy body. 

Tips For Preventing Children From Getting Sick 

Teach them to wash their hands and sing a song like Its Bitsy Spider to make sure they do so long enough. Wash hands before eating, when coming inside from playing outside, school or daycare, and after the bathroom. 

Make sure the child’s hands are not constantly in their mouth. Instead, find ways to keep their hands busy like hands-on play or activities. 

Change into clean clothes after coming from school or daycare where germs may linger. 

Serve them healthy foods including fresh fruits and veggies, and/or supplement with vitamins to fill gaps. 

Make sure they are getting enough sleep including naps or downtime during the day. Consider boosting the immune system with elderberry syrup and/or echinacea vitamins. 

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