The Importance of Sea Salt for the Endurance Athlete
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The Importance of Sea Salt for the Endurance Athlete

When it comes to endurance training and endurance athletes, some of the most important aspects to keep in mind are hydration and electrolytes. Today, we're going to be focusing on sodium, one of several electrolytes, in the form of sea salt. You may have heard that you should be consuming less salt but salt has an established place in our diets and is especially important for the endurance runner, whether you're running in your local 10k or participating in the Boston Marathon like Micah Herndon. Salt is vital for nerve and muscle function, as well as the regulation of fluids. But why sea salt and how does sea salt help to relieve cramps?

What Causes Leg Cramps?

Let's start with the potential causes of leg and muscle cramps, which is an important issue for the endurance runner. Leg and muscle cramps can be caused by dehydration, mineral depletion (including salt), vigorous activity and injury. You are also more at risk of experiencing leg and muscle cramps at an older age due to a loss of muscle mass, if you are an athlete, if you are pregnant or if you have one of several medical conditions, such as thyroid disorders or diabetes.

Endurance Athletes and the Importance of Salt

When we exercise for long periods of time, our bodies are losing water and electrolytes, especially when running in the heat. After a race, the sweat is obvious but you'll also be covered in salt. But loss of electrolytes is no laughing matter. Sodium regulates the water in our bodies and plays a role in our body functions. But when we lose too much salt, we can harm our bodies and make it more difficult to finish the race. Not only can low sodium lead to cramping, but it can also result in a condition referred to as hyponatremia. You can become susceptible to hyponatremia when the sodium in your blood becomes abnormally low. And if you're looking to recover for the next day's training, salt can help to relieve pain and soreness.

But Why Sea Salt?

Sea salt is made through a process of evaporating salt water. In comparison to refined salts, there is little processing involved, which makes it retain its moisture and be absorbed more easily by the body. According to nutritionist Bob Seebohar, sea salt contains more micronutrients than refined salts. This includes zinc and iron. You lose these minerals through your sweat when you exercise, so it's vital that you replenish them.

What Makes KrampKrusher Different?

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How to Purchase KrampKrusher

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