Turning Yuck to Yum: 6 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Take Their Vitamins
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Turning Yuck to Yum: 6 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Take Their Vitamins

The battles, the bribes, the defeat -- if this describes your child's daily vitamin routine, it's time to replace the fight with some fun! Teaching your children healthful habits doesn't need to be a struggle. With a bit of encouragement, your children will be on their way to a lifetime of wellness and mindful self care. Start their journey now with these 6 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Take Their Vitamins.

1.) Keep It Positive

When you know you've got a picky eater on your hands, it's easy to dread vitamin time. The thought of wrestling with your tiny terror might send you into a bad mood before you've even reached the kitchen. Even super moms and dads are only human, but it's important to establish an attitude of positivity and enthusiasm.

Children are like little sponges. They absorb the energy you put out and learn from it. Try to use positive reinforcement and plenty of encouragement. Make vitamin time an exciting treat with upbeat tones, lots of smiles, and the occasional round of applause to good health! 

2.) Make It Fun

Generic multi-vitamins can be a tough pill to swallow. Our colorful line of Gummy Cuties provide high-quality nutritional supplements in shapes and characters your children will love. Sniffles got your little one down? Try our immune system strengthening echinacea gummies. For an everyday boost, chewable multi-vitamins, probiotics, and calcium make wellness fun.

Best of all, Gummy Cuties taste fantastic! No more scrunched up faces, "yucky" tongues, and pinched noses. These adorable gummies are far from "medicine" and can be the ultimate game changer when it comes to getting kids to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

3.) Get Them Involved

Involving children in healthy habits is a great way to build lifelong routines. Gummy Cuties are perfect for engaging curious minds. Allow children to pick out which color gummy they'd like to choose today. Talk with kids about the benefits of each supplement; calcium for strong bones, echinacea for building a mighty defense against colds, and multi-vitamins for fueling playtime. Ask your children which "super powers" they like best and relate these benefits to their favorite activities.

Make vitamin time a group activity and enjoy your own delicious, nutrient dense gummies along with your little future health and wellness gurus!

4.) Lead By Example

If your children see you making healthful choices, chances are they'll want to follow! Starting or maintaining a wellness routine that includes supplements sets the stage for kids to view vitamins as a normal part of their day. Avoid grouping supplements into the same category as "medicine." Use positive terms that encourage ongoing health and wellness. This is key in teaching children not to view vitamins as a punishment, but as part of a self care routine that promotes a love of healthy bodies. The sense of pride and confidence young people feel in taking care of their health is a value that will follow them into their adult lives as well.

5.) Start Good Habits Early

It's never too early to teach good habits! Starting children on a pediatric multi-vitamin gets kids used to practicing healthy routines. Say goodbye to the dread of wrestling with your child and create family routines built on fun and positivity. The more ordinary vitamins seem, the less your child will fear taking them.

6.) Stay Patient!

Every mini health guru needs plenty of patience along the way! While it can be difficult to maintain an attitude of enthusiasm and encouragement, remember that every small step counts in slowly establishing a routine.  

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