Tips To Get Toddlers To Take Vitamins
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Tips To Get Toddlers To Take Vitamins

Having a toddler often means having a picky eater. No matter how much they loved vegetables pureed as a baby, now that they can vocalize their wants and preferences chances are broccoli is off the menu. This is why incorporating vitamin supplements when advised by their pediatrician can make mealtime less stressful because parents know they have their daily nutrients.

But just how do parents get toddlers to take vitamins?

Keep in mind that parents should aim to get their toddlers to get their vitamins and minerals from their diet as much as possible. But when there is a gap in their diet, consult the pediatrician and purchase children’s vitamins from a trusted brand. Look for options made of all-natural ingredients, that are non-GMO, and cater to allergies such as being dairy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free.

After doing homework on reputable brands and products, use these following tips.

Experiment A Little

Vitamins for kids come in gummy, chewable, and liquid options. What one child likes another might not. So don’t give up if there is no interest in a particular consistency.

Some toddlers might do better taking their vitamins in a liquid form. Parents might be able to quickly get them to take a spoonful before a meal or find ease in using a dropper.

But most might go for gummy options. This is because young kids often think these are candy or fruit snacks because of how they look. Just make sure to find an option of children’s gummy vitamins that they enjoy the taste of.

Those parents who are still struggling even if the toddler likes fruit snacks can try to mix the vitamins in with their snack. Since most vitamins include a one to two gummy dosages, it makes better sense to serve them alongside similar snack items in case the toddler wants more.

Chewable options are also recommended for toddlers. This is a great option for when serving in the morning before breakfast or for young ones who don’t mind taking it this way.

Just make sure to select an option that has no choking risk (for example, start with a liquid for younger ones).

Limit The Products

Try a multi-vitamin over single vitamins to limit the number of supplements taken. No adult wants to be taking handfuls of medications or supplements so imagine a toddler.

Multi-vitamins have a handful of vitamins such as vitamin D, C, A, B, iron, zinc, etc. This makes it more effective when looking at the recommended daily intake when paired with nutrition-dense foods than just take one single vitamin and alternating them.

Switch Up The Supplement Sources

When the toddler won’t take these typical forms of vitamins, parents should try to expand to find other supplements that might do the trick.

This includes shakes and drinks that feature protein, vitamins, minerals, and sometimes other bonuses like fiber.

Other times it just takes adding fresh fruit and vegetables in a smoothie or shake to get those nutrients in a picky toddler’s diet.

Parents can buy foods that are enriched or fortified with vitamins. Fortified foods mean that nutrients are added to that food that it doesn’t naturally contain. When food is enriched by a certain vitamin that vitamin has added because it was removed during the processing of that food.

For example, there is organic juice that is fortified with iron. Milk is sometimes fortified with vitamin D. Pasta and bread, as well as foods made of white flour are examples of enriched foods that contain vitamins that were lost during its processing.


Make It A Routine

Building a daily vitamin into a toddler’s routine is the best way to approach incorporating supplements. Consistency is key when forming a new habit. Just like brushing teeth after waking up then getting dressed and sitting down for breakfast becomes a ritual, make taking the vitamin the same.

Parents might want to give it in the morning whether before breakfast or with breakfast. Do it early in the day. Putting it off later when the toddler gets fussy or forgetting won’t do any good for the routine.



Make It Fun

It’s not always the best idea to create a reward system for taking their vitamins, but parents can find a similar way to encourage toddlers to continue doing so.

This can be creating a chart similar to one for chores and putting a sticker for each day taken. Another idea id giving them their favorite treat after taking them and encouraging healthy eating all week.

It doesn’t have to feel like taking medicine.


Lead By Example

Toddles soak in everything they hear and see. This is why leading by example is so important. Parents should make their supplements and make it known that they too know the importance it has on health.


Final Thoughts

Make sure the toddler has a well-balanced diet as the majority of their nutrient source. But adding in vitamin supplements is a great way parents know that their toddlers have the nutrients needing to support optimal health, growth, and development. We all know how picky toddlers can be, so these tips mightiest be the parenting hack needed for children’s health and wellness.