Should My Child Take Probiotics? Shop These Gummy Cuties For Tummy Health
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Should My Child Take Probiotics? Shop These Gummy Cuties For Tummy Health

Whenever my child starts eating a little more junk food than normal—hello holiday treats—as a parent I know it’s time to think about gut health. But what child wants to eat broccoli or spinach when there are more appetizing items on the dinner menu? Oftentimes the children are left with tummy aches, are constipated, or suffer from diarrhea from the heavy eating and desserts of the season. So should my child take a probiotic supplement for tummy health?

When thinking about vitamins and supplements, probiotics are often thought of when it comes to gut health. And yes, there are even probiotics for kids.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotic supplements are made of good bacteria and sometimes yeast that promote stomach and immune health. It is most commonly used to help digestive regulation. This supplement does so by adding “good” bacteria into the body.

The bacteria in this case are the kind that helps fight diseases, thus the immune health. When we are sick. We have too much “bad” bacteria and the “good” bacteria then combats this to balance the body.

Other interesting facts are probiotics survive in the intestine, as well as this “good” bacteria aiding in creating vitamins and helping with digestion.

Is It Safe For Kids?

Having a picky eater and the fact that we want our kids to remain as healthy as they can in this current climate is one of the many reasons why parents might think, “should my child take probiotics?” This is often recommended for little ones who often have upset stomachs or are on medication that messes with guy health.

Probiotics are found in foods that may already be part of a child’s diet. This includes yogurt, cottage cheese, sourdough bread, and even tempeh.

Probiotics are also found in supplements that include capsules, powders, and liquids.

When it comes to its safety for children, it’s considered so unless advised by their pediatrician not to. With that said, make sure to consult the pediatrician before adding more foods with probiotics or when thinking about adding a supplement.

There are studies that found probiotics to be beneficial for children who suffer from diarrhea, so it’s worth considering for a child’s tummy health. There is also a positive link to probiotics and the reduced risk of asthma and autoimmune diseases, although research is limited.

Best Probiotics For Kids

When looking for a probiotic supplement to encourage a healthy tummy, NDX Kids’ gummy Cuties are a great option for many reasons.

For starters, it’s made from a company that parents can trust with ingredients parents can trust. NDX believes in helping people live a healthy life and live on a healthy planet. This is why the ingredients in its line of vitamins and supplements are all-natural and non-GMO.

The supplements are also gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free—ideal for those with allergies.

These vitamins are in gummy form and taste great. Kids will think they are candy or a treat rather than a vitamin that often gets associated with taking medicine.

While these are children’s supplements, even adults can take the Gummy Cuties to get their daily dose of probiotics in as well.

Probiotics are linked to digestive health, and Gummy Cuties’ Probiotics has more than the dose of good bacteria needed to yield immune and digestive support.

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